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Culture Differences: US v UK

This is a bit of an off topic post from the technical stuff, but there’s a bit of a tie-in, so stick with me. I had to get a tire fixed this morning. I actually owned a replacement tire, so … Continue reading

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Information on the Go

I have been very interested in smart watches over the last couple years. I like wearing a watch that allows me to glance at it for the current time. While I can pull out my phone, and I’ve done that … Continue reading

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#GetHawt – The Summer 2012 Edition

Jen McCown started a #GetHawt set of posts last year and I think it went well. It must have, so she started an invitation for a summer competition. Silly me hadn’t been paying much attention, even though I’d seen the … Continue reading

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Bad Eyes

This editorial was originally published on Jan 9, 2006. Steve is traveling to the UK this week and we are reprinting a few older editorials. It seems that most DBAs that I know are a little bit older and more … Continue reading

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