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Fun at Work

I am lucky in that I get to travel and speak at a number of events every year. As a result, I meet lots of people in a variety of situations. Many of these places have a social component and … Continue reading

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Silly Photos at Work

Someone I stumbled across this picture of @brento on my drive. This might be the best one: And this was a good time: However, I have a collection of silly moments. Enjoy.

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This Made Me Laugh: SQL v NoSQL

It’s a humorous history lesson on SQL (and product promotion), but it opens like this: SQL awakens to fight the dark forces of NoSQL From there it looks at the beginnings of SQL and the growth of NoSQL, going through … Continue reading

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The Code Coverage Report

I had someone that told me recently that they needed to find a way to get code coverage in T-SQL. Not for them, not to improve quality, but because their manager wanted a report. OK, here it is. First, build … Continue reading

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