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Should You Learn R or Python?

I’ve been working on various skills over the last few years, trying to solve some simple problems in Python and PowerShell, in addition to T-SQL, to continue to improve my skills. It’s an interesting challenge at times, especially when I … Continue reading

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Reading an dataset in R

I got a dataset file the other day with an .rds extension. I had never seen this, but with a quick Google, I figured out this was a dataset exported from r. The extension is for “R DataSet”. That’s interesting, … Continue reading

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Basic User Functions in R

As I’ve been learning more about the data platform, I’ve been exposed to some R language code. This makes sense, as more comprehensive data analysis needs something other than SQL. Or at least, some people think that and it behooves … Continue reading

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Finding the Titles in R

PASS has released the videos to members from this past Summit. I say TJay Belt today ask about relating a video name to a session. I have the USB drive, so I looked on there. Here are the videos: Not … Continue reading

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