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A Christmas Bug

It’s not really a big deal for me, despite the fact that I travel to Europe in a few days for two weeks. At least, I’m fairly confident this won’t be an issue for me. A few of my fellow #sqlfamily might … Continue reading

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Installing Pester

One of the things that I believe strongly in is that we need better testing of software. Actually, what we really need is better habits and understanding of how to test our software. I don’t think we need to test … Continue reading

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Unit Testing T-SQL Code

Abstract Unit testing has become an integrated, expected part of most software development teams. Many database developers have yet to implement unit testing as a regular habit. This session will look at two-unit testing frameworks and show how to implement … Continue reading

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SQL Grouping on Sums (with testing)

I ran across a post recently that I thought was an interesting T-SQL problem. The user wanted to group values into a running total, but the groups would reset based on a sum. In this case, the user had this … Continue reading

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