Middle of the Pack

I noticed the scores for the first part of the PASS nomination process were posted recently. These were the aggregate scores that the nominating committee gave to the applications that each of us sent in. I took a look to see where I was:

Middle of the pack. Four higher, four lower.

The scores went from 33 to 54, with my falling in as a 47, roughly exactly in the middle. You can see the criteria used for ranking in this document, which is basically a score sheet. Each person is ranked from 1-4 in various categories. My guess is that I rank lower on the volunteerism stuff and maybe education. I’m sure there are quite a few people with MBAs that would set the bar high.

The cutoff must have been around 40 as the last two candidates were not selected for interviews. I don’t think that they were bad candidates, but probably just lacking in an area or two.

My interview is tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’m still a part of this process next week.

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