Reading Recommendations (Twitter is cool)

Twitter is an amazing beast. More and more I find myself getting useful information and ideas from Twitter. For someone that works at home, it’s a great window into the world outside.

A couple days ago, a friend posted that they were looking for a science fiction book to read, and were there any recommendations. I dropped one back and didn’t think about it.

The next day the person posted back that they liked book x, y, and z, and did anyone else have a recommendation. Four or five people chimed in and before long there was a science fiction list going back and forth in a number of tweets. A few people recommended books back to me, and I even picked up one of my own recommendations that I had read as a kid, and grabbed a sample on the Kindle App to remind me to get to it again.

So now I have these samples on my Kindle to start reading again:

  • Daemon – Danial Suarez, and the Freedom as the next book.
  • Titan – John Varley
  • The Gunslinger (Dark Tower Series) – Stephen King, I read this a long time ago, but the recommendations from friends will have me try it again.
  • Foundation – I read this in high school or college and I recommended it, but I only read 3. There are 7, so I’ll try this one again.
  • I, Robot – Never read it. Recommended to me.
  • The Second Ship – found on an Amazon recommendation
  • Star Soldier – Another Amazon recommendation found while looking at those above.

I’ll get to all these this year, but it’s cool to get a few recommendations.

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