The Exceptional DBA for 2011

Once again we’re running a contest to find the Exceptional DBA around the globe. I’ve been a judge the last three years, and it’s been a hard choice trying to pick from some great applications. This year the judges are Brad McGehee, Brent Ozar, Rodney Landrum and me.

Nominations are now open, and you can nominate yourself, or a colleague for the change to be named the Exceptional DBA of 2011.

Best of luck to everyone, and a few hints.

  • More writing is better – We don’t want to read a chapter from War and Peace, but take a few paragraphs to describe your environment with some details.
  • Be specific on the highlights. – Let us know what you did, why it’s important or impressive to your organization.
  • Be well rounded – We are looking for people that do more than their job. They teach others, they are proactive, and they make the DBA profession better for everyone.
  • Proofread – Have a friend or even your boss review the nomination form.

The nominations are open until June 30, so take a week or so and think about how best to present yourself.

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