Cool Data Visualization

I attended a course from Edward Tufte a few years ago on Data Visualization, and while I learned some neat things, I never was able to implement them well. I think part of it is a complete lack of an art gene in my person, but I do keep it in mind sometimes and would like to actually implement some of the ideas in his books.

Today someone at Red Gate posted a link to this very cool data visualization on wind. It shows the wind speeds on days for the entire US, but in a very visual way. This is what it looks like, but if you go to the site, you’ll see it animated.


There’s also a gallery of some days in the past to view.

It’s neat because unlike a chart, or a static picture, you can easily see where wind is flowing, and the intensity for a large area. You can zoom in to see what the speeds are in a particular area.

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