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Technology for Sharing

Computer technology has done an amazing job of making many parts of business more efficient. It has streamlined processes, freed up many people from relatively menial tasks and increased the speed at which we can accomplish many things. This has … Continue reading

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Creating a Symmetric Key in SQL Server

Symmetric keys in SQL Server are recommended for encrypting data in columns. They are a good balance of security and resource usage, much better than asymmetric keys. Creating a symmetric key is fairly simple, using DDL that’s easy to understand. … Continue reading

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SQL Backup 7

What more could you add to a SQL Server backup product? It seems that many software products, including Red Gate’s SQL Backup Pro, have been able to handle the things most DBAs care about for some time: compression and encryption. … Continue reading

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Smelly Power

Power is a limited resource and it’s become an issue in more and more data centers over the years. As we use more computing resources, the effort to provide power becomes a challenge. A decade ago I wrote an inventory … Continue reading

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