Encryption and Full Text Search at The Mandalay Bay (DevConnections)

It’s just a week until Dev Connections.  This is one of the great conferences for the hybrid technology person, with a variety of technologies being talked about, all for a single admission price. I’ll be speaking at SQL Server Connections, but wandering over to the development side at times since I’m getting back into a little bit of software development as part of my job with Red Gate Software, and of course, for fun.

This fall the Dev Connections event is at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It’s a great hotel at the end of the strip with nice amenities and a good conference center. It’s easy to get to from the airport, which I like since traffic can be a pain. There’s also the Luxor next door, with Carrot Top playing. I’m hoping to sneak over there for a show.

However I’m primarily there to teach you a few things about SQL Server. I’ve rewritten a bit of my Encryption talk to add a few things and give you a good grounding in how the technology works in SQL Server.  I’ll be looking at how you can encrypt your connections, secure your physical files with TDE (don’t miss the hex editor demo) and also look at data encryption using symmetric and asymmetric keys. I’ll also be talking about full-text search. I’ve reworked my talk on searching binary data to focus on extracting information from office documents.

Both of my talks are on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, but if you are looking for other SQL Server topics, there are some great ones. Denny Cherry talks partitioning, Allen White talks Powershell and SQL Server, Tim Ford talks DMVs and Stacia Misner talks BI. There are a number of other great SQL Server speakers as well as speakers to talk Windows, Visual Studio, Exchange, Sharepoint and more.

If you’re looking for a great conference to attend soon, think about registering for Dev Connections and I hope to see you in Las Vegas.

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