Continuous Database Delivery from the Command Line

I’ve been working with Red Gate to learn more and the different ways in which we can help you ease and smooth the database deployment process. I know that I’ve dreaded deployments to production in most of my jobs, and only enjoyed them in one. The mission of one of the teams at Red Gate is to make this easier and easier and I’m learning about how they do that.

They’ve also been working with many others in the world of software, providing them with tools, getting feedback, and learning from their experiences. One of the people that has done some work with our tools is Matt Whetton, and he wrote a piece on how he’d gotten SQL Compare to work with his version control system (VCS) to get a Continuous Integration (CI) process in place. He’s using TFS, as many of you are, though he has the SQL Source Control plug in to SSMS to make managing his database code easier.

I won’t duplicate his process here, though it’s one that should work well. It has lots of pieces and parts, and might seem confusing, but it’s not. He describes in detail how he runs tools from the command line to build a more automated process. If you want us to do more of the work, we have an automation pack to smooth the entire process, and we’re improving it all the time.

I would encourage you to think about building your own automated process for database changes. It might seem like adding work for no good reason, but it can pay off as you expand the process through later environments to deploy to QA, Staging, UAT, Production and any other environments you might need to. If you move to the cloud, having automated processes become even more important.

You can also take a look at the Red Gate “Learn more about databass delivery and continuous integration” page.  We’ve got some resources up there and are looking to add more all the time.

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