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Grant Fritchey is running for the PASS board. He’s not running for President, though I’m not sure why he shouldn’t be able to. The board makes decisions as a group and the President isn’t necessarily more or less powerful than other members. However the President can be the face of PASS and present an image that motivates others. Grant would be great here, and I’d like to see the President elected directly at some point in the future, without the nonsensical requirements they serve for multiple terms before then.

However that’s a separate discussion. In the next week, the election will take place and I’m voting for Grant. I’ve known him a long time, I’ve watched him work with the community, and I think he might be able to create some change in the organization.

For far too long, I think PASS has been stuck in a bureaucracy that acts out of fear rather than leadership, and I’d like to see that change. I wouldn’t blame any past or present board members as I think many of them are fine community members, but I think the organization has systemic problems that create issues. I’ll cease ranting about that, and no, I’m not going to attempt change myself. I did once, but I have neither the time nor inclination to fight those battles right now.

I’m voting for Grant. You can make your own decisions, but I am choosing Grant because he’s can create change. I’ll also vote for JRJ for the same reason. I think James has worked to create, and implement change, and I’d like to see him do more, especially in non-US areas.

I’m not sure who else I’d vote for, though I like both Wendy and Sri. I’m not sure what they’ve done, and I’d certainly like to get more information. That’s one of my complaints from all board members, is that they disclose too little information to the community.

However you vote, please take a minute and vote. We have an amazing community, and the more you participate, the better it gets.

Disclosure: Both Grant and I work for Red Gate Software, so take that for what it means to you. We’re also on the DBA Team together 😉

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  1. jen stirrup says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve started to blog about my day-to-day PASS activities over at my blog so please feel free to take a look anytime. I’m writing as ‘me’ and not representing PASS, to be clear.
    Jen Stirrup


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