Getting Database Properties – DatabasePropertyEx()

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

I had someone ask me a question about security recently, and while working through the answer, I ran across something I didn’t know well: databasepropertyex(). Here’s a few notes.

Each database in SQL Server has all sorts of options and settings. Most people (including me) get in the habit of checking here for the information. First we right click the database (after starting SSMS if it isn’t running)


Then you get this dialog, with lots of stuff.


And more on the other tabs.


Time consuming, and error prone. As I get older, I find that trying to decide which selection is set for which option becomes harder. I find my finger tracing across the screen. It’s entirely possible I’d make a mistake when glancing at this to check the ArithAbort setting.


Scripting and querying is usually better. Not the sp_configure scripting where you get a whole list of options, but looking for a particular item. That’s where DatabasePropertyEx() comes in. This lets you query for a database property.

The problem comes in when you run it. If you run the function, you get little information.


Certainly you can go look at BOL to get more data, but that’s annoying. If I run sp_configure, I get data. However here, nothing. Even if I do what I think would be helpful, with a NULL parameter, I don’t get a list of stuff. SQL Prompt alerted me to the fact that the first parameter is the database, and the second is the property, but that doesn’t work.


Fortunately, I have SQL Prompt, so I get this when I put in quotes for the second parameter.


As you can see, the parameters don’t map to the properties, though you can figure out what they mean if you see them. They tend to follow the conventions that most application programmers use (IsAutoClose).

That’s fine, and it just means you need to have a reference handy for properties to query. I wish MS would give all properties with a NULL parameter, or a link to BOL.


This one took a bit longer to write. Once I realized I didn’t know databasepropertyex() very well, I had to read about it (5 minutes) and experiment a bit. I took some screen shots, which is always cumbersome. As I wrote this, I had to change the wording and ordering a few times to try and convey a simple message. I was originally going to look at more details, but decided to keep this simple and talk about just querying properties.

This was about 30-40 minutes for me.

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