Quick Installs with Chocolatey–Screen Capture

I have been looking for a new screen capture tool. I used to use Snagit, but it felt too heavyweight and buggy for me. I just need to snag part of a screen for my job and blog. I used Quick Screen Capture, but in Win 8 it didn’t want to accept my license key. I’d tried a few more, but none really worked well.

I mentioned this to Andy Warren on the phone the other day and he told me to try Green something. I decided to do that today, and couldn’t remember the name, so I surfed over to chocolatey.org and searched for screen captures. Sure enough, Greenshot popped up first.

I quickly opened an administrative level command prompt and typed “choco install greenshot” and went along with my work.

Chocolatey is an amazing package manager and it started the install for me in the background.


A few minutes later I noticed the browser pop the greenshot website as the final part of the install. The program was set up with its install defaults and running on my system.

2015-05-07 14_06_26-Administrator_ Command Prompt

Chocolatey is amazing and I urge you to look at it for installing software on your system, especially if you’re a developer or consultant that regularly moves hardware or systems.

If you’re a software developer, get your stuff packaged into here.

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