Is Your Deployment Process Perfect?

I’m sure your deployments aren’t perfect. I’ve had many successful ones, but I have always found some flaws in my systems over time. I’ve also found that the less flexibility I allow, the more likely things are to succeed.

However less flexibility isn’t what most companies or clients want. In fact, they want the opposite. I know most developers want this as well, without constraints on what they can do.

I think Redgate has been working to make things easier and more reliable for most companies. Certainly we have work to do and there are places to improve our products, but our DLM work on various products is really designed to reduce, or eliminate, silly mistakes that cause issues. We’ve tried to help companies set up a process that limits regression issues.

I saw this short video from Redgate, where the lead Data Anlyst at Yorkshire Water talks about some of the improvements in their development process come about by implementing a DLM process. Over a couple of years, they’ve gotten many of their projects into a Continuous Delivery stack and that’s just the way they do things.

Yorkshire Water

The time savings are the big issues. There is less copying of production data around, more confidence in development, and as Shaun notes, time is money.

If you think you want to build a more repeatable, reliable database development process, I think we give you a few options. The traditional, work in SSMS approach with SQL Source Control, or our Ready Roll work in Visual Studio. I’m particularly excited about Ready Roll as that’s how I’ve done a lot of development in the past.

And, of course, I think our DLM Automation suite, allowing you to deploy changes to a CI environment and build deployment packages works well.

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