New Video Cards

When I want to upgrade hardware, I usually turn to Glenn Berry for advice. He’s the person I know that really watches, examines, and evaluates computer hardware. He gives good advice and upgrades often, so he actually uses the latest hardware.

One of the upsides of his hobby is that he is regularly replacing hardware. That means he regularly has older hardware. A few times I’ve asked for advice, I’ve actually ended up buying the previous generation from Glenn because he’s already upgraded. That works out well for me, since I don’t look to be on the latest and greatest.

Recently we had lunch and Glenn offered me his old Radeon R9 video card. It was ranked quite a bit higher than the GeForce GT 740 I bought last year. I didn’t need a replacement, but the price was right, and maybe I’d impress my kid a bit with the upgrade.

I went to lunch, and got a nice, geeky gift bag.

Photo Jan 13, 10 35 25 AM

Inside was not one, but two video cards. Apparently Glenn’s MicroCenter Outlet was having a special.

Photo Jan 13, 10 35 33 AM

The cards are on my desk as I need to some time to open up my case, replace cards, and then ensure everything comes back up correctly. I’ll need drivers, and no pressure to complete things quickly.

Hopefully I won’t need a new power supply, though I am tempted to get another monitor with all this horsepower and give Twitter and Spotify their own displays. Winking smile

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  1. Glenn Berry says:

    Just keep in mind that those two cards cannot be used together…

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