Building a Database DevOps Process at the Data Platform Summit 2017

I’m heading to India this August for the Data Platform Summit 2017. I am honored to have been selected to deliver a pre-conference seminar called “Building a Database DevOps Process”, where I’ll walk through the way in which you can include your database alongside application code and deploy it smoothly to various other environments, such as test, QA, UAT, Beta, Staging, Pre-prod, etc.


If you are going to be in Bangalore during the middle of August, register for the DPS and come see my, or another, pre con as well. There are some great ones.

This will be my first trip to India and I’m looking forward to it. Actually my whole family is looking forward, as I’ll be taking a week or so vacation before the conference to travel with them before I spend a week at work. I should be acclimated to the time change by the time the conference starts, which is good. I’ve got customer training also scheduled, so a busy August for me.

Now to get a Visa and inoculations. Hope to see you there.

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  1. UnspokenMind says:

    Hello Steve, I have been following your blogs for a long time now. It pleases me to know that you would be visiting India for DPS. I hope you have a wonderful experience here and hope to see you as well.

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