Production Kubernetes

Still learning more about Kubernetes. I’ve been working through the 50 days of Kubernetes (K8s). Let’s keep exploring

The API is the security boundary

Everything happens with the Kubernetes API. Therefore, we want some RBAC here for the roles of individuals, as well as processes, like CI/CD pipelines. We want to ensure we have validation, security scans, etc..

Things will go wrong

In addition, we need some monitoring on the cluster. We need this on any system, but with scale and complexity of containers in Kubernetes, we need something in place.

In addition, you want to test failover, which is likely between clusters. Containers do make this easier, but it’s something we want to ensure is a part of our process. This means practice. We know practice matters in most places, but we often don’t practice well in IT.


There is planning to think about a large application, or maybe large for your environment means thinking about global access and ensuring that you have a way for your app to easily redirect across clusters or regions. There are also data challenges, as Brendon notes, with things like databases. It’s an opportunity to push CosmosDB, but in the relational world, we know how to handle this.

Kubernetes will make AGs and HA easier.

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