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Push Button Deployments

I worked in an Agile team in 2000 and we deployed changes to our web platform every Wednesday for over 18 months. That was about the length of time I was involved before the small startup failed, but not for … Continue reading

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Is Your Deployment Process Perfect?

I’m sure your deployments aren’t perfect. I’ve had many successful ones, but I have always found some flaws in my systems over time. I’ve also found that the less flexibility I allow, the more likely things are to succeed. However … Continue reading

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The Database is the Cornerstone

I saw a case study video the other day from Redgate Software. It was a look at one of the upper management on Fitness First, a fitness/gym company that has facilities in dozens of countries. It’s a good, short summary … Continue reading

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Redgate DLM Demo Slides

I had someone ask about the DLM Demo slides, so here they are: DLM-Demo.pptx I’ll put together an overview of the demo as well that you can read about.

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