Leveling Up for Sales and Marketing

I’m heading to Austin today for Redgate’s internal Level Up conference. This is designed to help employees improve their skills in some way. The original ones focused on technology skills, but they have grown to include other business skills. A nice writeup from 2019 is here.

This has traditionally been in Cambridge, UK, but last year we had an event in Austin. I couldn’t attend because of other commitments, and have actually never been to Level Up. Fortunately for me, there are actually a few events this year:

  • Level Up Sales and Marketing, US – May 2023, Austin
  • Level Up Sales and Marketing, UK – June 2023, Cambridge
  • Level Up Technical, UK – July, Cambridge

This year, I’ll get to attend the first two, though not likely the third. I’d like to hit the technical talks, but I also have a lot of other trips and travel, so I have to pick and choose.

I’m not speaking here. I speak a lot, and this is a chance for others to share their knowledge. I have offered to mentor and support others, and I ran a presentations tips and tricks session recently. Actually, I may do that in a few other places and record it.

Having an internal conference isn’t cheap or easy, but it is a neat way to build bonds in the company and tailor training to what you need. I’ve been asked to speak at a few other companies’ conferences, and I’ve always enjoyed it.

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