AI Experiments–Who am I and how am I remembered?

I saw someone noting that AIs shouldn’t write obituaries. Since I maintain, I wanted to see what would happen for me.

This is part of a series of experiments with the ChatGPT and other AI systems.

First, a simple prompt. This was delayed for about 20s while the AI was processing data. I assume it was looking over the sites for my name.

2023-05-09 09_42_21-

When it started to write, I thought it did a decent job.

2023-05-09 09_46_34-Steve Jones SQL summary.

I then tried for an obituary.

2023-05-09 09_43_21-Steve Jones SQL summary.

I very much appreciate the first part of the response. It isn’t good to do this publicly, though for figures, there are people who have to write and update these things so they are prepared. Not that they won’t edit this if someone dies, but often journalists are prepared.

However, I also appreciate the kind words in the second para. I am not quite sure where/how this data was assembled, but it isn’t a part of any bio I’ve written.

Not bad, ChatGPT.

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1 Response to AI Experiments–Who am I and how am I remembered?

  1. My guess, it went thru your blog and was able to extract likes and probably used that with some math to determine what it said in the 2nd paragraph.


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